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in partnership with RAISING A NATION FOUNDATION.



the land



  • It will primarily be an Adventure Training Camp using the river, the mountains and its various obstacles to teach leadership lessons and how to work as a team.  As the young people stare down a rock face they will overcome fear, as they build a raft they will learn to work together.  Throughout all the challenges there will be a strong Biblical foundation using Biblical principles to teach all the lessons that can have life impacting decisions and destiny.

  • Our 2nd primary goal is to expose high school learners to people who have started their own companies and organizations who are not dependent on government or institutions to give them jobs.  We want to help develop an entrepreneurial spirit in our high school students to better prepare them as they go through university to become job creators and employers.

  • Thirdly we want to place staff and volunteers in strategic high schools to teach relevant LO lessons with Biblical focus as a strategy to:

    • Gain access to learners from Grade 10 – 12. 

    • Build relationship with these learners

    • Train in Life Skills from a Biblical perspective

    • Focus and expose to entrepreneurship

    • Expose students to train further at the L.A.N.D.

  • Our last purpose is to use the facility for equipping church leaders and pastors.


To teach the youth Biblical Principles for Leadership Development and team work through Adventure Based Learning.



Our goal is that The Land will give High School learners the opportunity to explore their belief systems in a safe environment, an opportunity to discuss cultural norms and why they exist.  What is good and what is leading them into poverty….be agents for change….understand why they do things……The adventure based learning style will help to expose things about themselves they possibly did not know….growing in confidence and understanding of team work….

Final goal of course would be to introduce them to Christ, who formed them and who knows the plans he has for them, plans to give them a hope and a future.

Opportunity to

  • Change paradigms

  • Explore truth

  • Raise up a generation to impact the 7 mind molders in society that culture is shaped by:

    • Education

    • Government

    • Media

    • Arts and Entertainment

    • Business

    • Family

    • Religion

  • Identify Leaders

  • Develop Leaders

  • Making Disciples – those who are faithful

  • Introduce and expose to entrepreneurship skills (clarify WHY we teach this)

  • Have people come in who can teach practical vocational skills

  • Bring people in who are knowledgeable in their fields…break down lies presented to them by the world and make them discerning in judgement.  Many of the youth who end up in churches become happy-clappies, whilst the enemy takes them down.

  • Teach them to be aware of the strategy of the enemy.

how it started 

& the need

Sometime back Jeni and I were trying to find a route over the river between Vaaltyn and the mountains back of where we live. We came upon this piece of land next to the river that was indeed beautiful and immediately I felt In my heart to trust the Lord for this piece of land. For some time now I have had the growing burden in my heart to do something of significance with the young people in the schools in our area. It involves discipleship because that is the basis of everything we do as a mission. I got to thinking about this piece of land and talking to my board to pray with me to buy this land. They agreed and I have gone to the tribal authority and had audience with the chief. A piece of land 100 metres in length by 50 metres wide has been given to us for the very low price of R12 000. I will go today to pay for this land even though I still need to raise the funds to do this. Once paid and the paperwork is filled out IMD AFRICA will need to put up a fence immediately. This will cement the long term use and ownership of the land. I'm asking if you could be involved in the project to the youth and children of our community. There is no facility of this nature in Mokopane. Youth meetings are held in local churches. There are no camps in the area.

The vision is to set up an adventure based facility with rope courses, climbing walls etc to teach biblical truth. We will serve the local schools, and youth groups by offering discipleship and leadership development through weekend camps, and leadership days where schools can participate on a more regular basis.