Educational Misionaries

Are you recently graduated teacher who is looking to gain some experience on the mission field? Or are you an experienced teacher who is looking to work in outreach? 

We are looking for short term or long term teachers or assistant teachers to help at our school.

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We are looking for teams and individuals who have experience in building, who are willing to come as a team, or join teams on one of our building projects. We have ongoing projects.


Prayer teams and financial help will also be much appreciated.


Biblical Teachers

and Trainers

We need gifted pastors, lay teachers and trainers to present IMD Africa Materials from our toolbox, or materials that we ask them to prepare. The reason we do this is because we are aware of what has been taught in the various areas in which we work, and what the spiritual needs are that still need to be addressed. 


Safety & Security Supervisors

We have qualified staff for our adventure camps. What we need are volunteers who will come alongside us, either with more expertise, or as spotters, to assist with everything that goes along with running these events with high school children.


Camp Counsellors

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